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abreast adv : alongside each other, facing on the same direction

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Prefix a- + breast



  1. Informed, well-informed, familiar, acquainted
  2. Side by side, with breasts in a line; as,
    • Two men could hardly walk abreast. - Macaulay
  3. Side by side; also, opposite; over against; on a line with the vessel's beam; -- with of.
  4. Up to a certain level or line; equally advanced; as, to keep abreast of [or with] the present state of science.
  5. : At the same time; simultaneously


Side by side
nautical: side by side; also, opposite; over against; on a line with the vessel's beam
up to a certain level or line

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abeam, acquainted, along by, alongside, au courant, au fait, beside, by, coextensively, collaterally, contemporary, conversant, equidistantly, in parallel, informed, nondivergently, parallelly, parallelwise, red-hot, side-by-side, up, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, versed
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